About Us

What is Lingkup

Lingkup is an integrated application that is designed to support convenient vertical living through better property management. We reimagined vertical living experience supported by good management practice and extensive network of experienced business solution partners to maximize your living quality.


Our Services

Lingkup is a property management platform that helps apartment residents to manage daily needs more efficiently, all with one click! We provide various features with benefits such as making it easy to record the purpose of visitor arrival, notifying when a package arrives, facilities booking according to needs, and guaranteed safe living.

Manage Visitors

Make it easier while managing and tracking the details of the apartment visitors

Facility Booking

Get the easiest ways to book public facilities and services anytime and anywhere just in one app.

Manage Parcel

All packages that arrive at the apartment will be recorded on the Lingkup app, so each apartment resident can easily locate their package as soon as it arrives.

Report a Helpdesk

Provide a comfortable and safe environment with a guaranteed reporting system.


Smart Living Made Easy

A property management platform that helps you streamline all your daily management and supercharge your entire business operation. With Lingkup, deliver more values for your tenants in the most efficient ways while keeping up productivity. Leave all the hassles behind and focus on full scale-up instead. Digitize and switch to auto-pilot with Lingkup today!